July Wishlist - 2016

Another month, another wishlist.

1. Maniere De Voir Suede Jacket - I need to add some jacket's to my wardrobe, and I like this simple suede jacket. 

2. WhoisJacov x Jacob Keller Beanie - I am a HUGE Jacob Keller fan, his style is flawless. Out of all the things in this capsule, I like the shorts and beanies, the tee shirts are nice but the colours wouldn't work well on me. Purple beanie though, yes please.

3. Acne Bomber - I like the bomber, I mean, you can find other bombers at better prices (might make a blog post on bombers) but I would for sure add this to my closet.

4. All Saints Short Sleeve Shirt - I love this, its very on trend though, which always worries me, I don't know about spending high end prices on trends. I still love it though!

5. White Air Force 1 Mid - There is something so flawless about these shoes. I haven't owned Air Force 1's for over a decade, that might change. You can find some other amazing colour's of these shoes on Dover Street Market. My second choice would be the olive green. 

6. Represent Destroyer Denim - These have been on my wishlist a few times before, I want to get a pair, and the only reason I haven't is because I'm not a huge fan of online shopping. I will wait until I can get them at the right price. 

7. Rolex Submariner Date - I am saving all my pennies for this, only 1 million more pennies to go! 

8. Vitaly Matte Black Bracelet - Simple, and I think it will go well with my Rolex (hopefully I get that within the next year).