FW17 - New York Day 2 & 3

Highlights from Day 2 and 3 of New York Fashion Week F/W17

Ovadia & Sons - This is a brand that never disappoints, they hit every trend, picked beautiful colours, and each look was styled too perfection. The pink overcoat and tracksuit are both beautiful. Also the 7th look is styled beaituflly. 

BOSS - Nothing very surprising from this show, but many beautiful made suits, jackets and pieces. 

Todd Snyder - I love the colour choices and the progression of this show. The green sweater in look 4, paired with that jacket in look 6, need to be in my life. 

Patrik Ervell - Love the jacket in look 2. 

Palmiers Du Mal - I love when a designer sends clothing down a runway that just makes all the models look amazing, those leisurely shirts are stunning and I can see everywhere during the hot months. 

Deveaux - 2 absolutely gorgeous looks, the flight jacket is beautiful, and I like the way a jacket under an overcoat looks. (Also the lips on the first model)

Kenneth Ning - Into the seatbelt like things. 

John Elliott - This is a brand I wear quite often. I love the simplicity and quality of John Elliott. Plus they always work with perfect colours. My favourite looks are the 7th and 8th.